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About Us

The uniform is the business card of any company as well as an extension of the brand among the society. It is important so that the customers can recognize positions and functions.

The uniform is the business card of any company as well as an extension of the brand among the society. It is important so that the customers can recognize positions and functions.

Furthermore, the uniform must be synonymous with comfort and well-being to users. So, do it safely, durability and elegance is our specialty.

Loja do Guarda Pó knows that to achieve excellence in its category is necessary to keep on looking out for its conduct and performance. For this, we stipulate missions, goals and values that we believe that are essential for the company, customers and employees.


Provide solutions in professional uniforms, satisfying the needs of customers as the functionality, beauty, safety and comfort through the production and commercialization of products and services provision.


Be the reference company in the line of professional uniforms all over Brazil, being reminded for its innovation and reliability and by offering products with quality, comfort, safety, durability and good taste.


Follows a conduct with the highest standards of ethics and integrity;
Always serves as best as possible to every need of customers;
The relationship with customers and collaborators must be transparent and based on responsibility and reliability between the parts;
Encourages teamwork and knowledge socialization of employees
Makes use of all the criticism and opinions to the improvement of products and service;
Values and stimulates the individual skills of all employees and involved;
Promotes activities to enhance the quality of life at work, personal, intellectual development-related, health and leisure


A 100% family-owned company, Loja do Guarda Pó was founded in September 1979, being the first Professional Uniforms Store in the Capital of Santa Catarina. In the early 90s, it was acquired by the couple of businessmen Rosemari and Sebastião, who from this small store in the center of Florianópolis, started to manufacture uniforms with the desire to become a pioneer store chain in wholesale and retail sales. The expansion to other cities in the South region are achievements that are advancing every day:    


- Loja do Guarda Pó - Passavinte / Palhoça-SC inaugurated in May 2008  


- Loja do Guarda Pó - Centro / Balneário Camboriú-SC inaugurated in May 2013  


- Loja do Guarda Pó - Kobrasol / São José-SC inaugurated in February 2014  


- Loja do Guarda Pó - Batel / Curitiba-PR inaugurated in April 2017  


- Loja do Guarda Pó - Madre Benvenuta / Florianópolis-SC inaugurated in July 2020    


Over the next four decades, the Loja do Guarda Pó, in addition to its commercial expansion, devoted much of its investments in technology to automate all its production with cutting and sewing machines. The raw material is another strong point, where the Loja do Guarda Pó is Homologated Santista Têxtil, another seal of quality and excellence for its products. The innovation came along with the family succession, where in the last 20 years, the three daughters, Tatiana, Janaina and Juliana, through a lot of dedication, study and learning, have been guiding the company and bringing the latest trends in the fashion world to their uniforms. 


Loja do Guarda Pó is also a reference in e-commerce, where its virtual store opened in 2003, serves all of Brazil with exclusive products, reliability and security.